What is an Individual Energy Toxin?

Dr. Callahan discovered that occasionally in more complex cases a TFT treatment could be undone due to exposure to a substance to which the person reacted negatively, at the energy level. These substances may be found in everyday life situations and are harmless to most individuals. For some individuals, however, these substances can cause serious problems from the point of view of health and wellbeing. Because these reactions are unique to individuals and affect these energy systems in specific ways, they are called Individual Energy Toxins (IETs).  Toxic Sensitivities and IETs are to the energy system what allergies and antigens are to the body systems. Antigens and IETs come in many forms.

Some IETs might be expected, e.g., tobacco, pesticides, and various chemicals (in clothing, carpets, upholstery, paint, etc.); however, some of the most common IETs are unexpected, e.g., wheat, corn, eggs, milk and other dairy products, perfumes, laundry soap or detergents, scented tissue, shampoo, or deodorants.

Individual Energy Toxins can be identified in a specific TFT test enabling you to avoid or eliminate them completely from your environment. This test can be done one to one with leading TFT Consultant, John Plester at his clinic in Norwich or via telephone/Skype/Zoom/FaceTime using TFT Voice Technology. A consultation will last 30 minutes – enough time to go through a comprehensive list of possible culprits that you may have ingested, inhaled or come in contact with.

A TFT Individual Energy Toxin Sensitivity is included in all intensive TFT Diagnostic programmes including the TFT Freedom Formula.

The fee for a 30 minute session is £100  and is due in advance of the session. Please contact me for details and booking.