“John delivered an excellent 2 days of training for me and suited my style of taking in new information, I enjoyed it being very interactive and a useful way of re-affirming the knowledge being given. It was creatively done and in happy atmosphere challenging all aspects of everyone’s learning skills.”

G.F., Therapist, London

“I have done several courses with John now, and his refreshing style delivers training with verve and his use of humour helps the material to become embedded in your mind. This TFT training has certainly enabled me to take my therapy to a new level with the introduction of the identification of Energy Toxin’s, allowing me to get a much higher success rate. Delivery was excellent done in Johns own style, with flair and humour where appropriate. I love the way he demonstrates, and then describes the process, followed up by us practising the techniques.On a personal level, I have enjoyed 3 weeks of uninterrupted sleep since the identification of caffeine as an energy toxin for me. I know my clients will get a similar benefit from the excellent techniques John teaches on this course.”

M.R., Hypnotherapist, Norwich

“I would highly recommend the Boot Camp training to anyone as John is truly an outstanding teacher and practitioner. He has the amazing ability to deliver comprehensive information regarding TFT in a very concise manner with great clarity. As a student I feel that I came away from this training course with suffiicent knowldge and skills to practice this very effective form of therapy.”

N.S.F., Hypnotherapist, London

“John has provided once again a fantastic weekend, where I have been able to develop my skills. The TFT Boot Camp was delivered with expertise, humour and fun. What a great way to learn. I would and do recommend John Plester to my colleagues and friends”

K.S., Hypnotherapist, Norwich

“For anyone who is interested in helping themselves or others both psychological and physical concerns, TFT is an amazing addition in order to provide rapid relief. The TFT Boot Camp is a fantastic and fun way to develop the skills and qualifications needed to be able to treat these problems rapidly and effectively.”

J.C., Trauma Counsellor, NHS Newcastle

“A very enjoyable course, using a range of teaching methods which kept my interest levels high. Will definitely use TFT in my work with clients suffering from addiction problems”

K.R., Substance Abuse Counsellor, Bury St Edmunds

The TFT Bootcamp is excellent, I can now help my clients deal with unwanted negative emotions and even physical pain that affects their wellbeing. It is a tool for life that you can use for yourself, for your family and even in your business!”

A.Z, Therapist, Abu Dabi

“This two day course in TFT has been really interesting and I can see myself using the techniques I have learned on myself and others confidently.”

C.C., Wymondham

“I found the TFT course very explicit, comprehensive and easily understood. The interaction of Tutor and students was uplifting.”

S.R., Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist

“Fantastic opportunity to open your mind and add another very exciting tool to the therapist kit. I was surprised at how much I felt the change straight away. Excellent, very professional and fun delivery.”

S.L., Thetford

“The delivery from John was thorough yet informal. There was good support material which I found very useful and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the course to others.”

B.G., Teacher, Norwich

“As always John delivered this TFT Boot Camp training with his usual good humour and ideal mix of learning materials. Once again, I thouroughly enjoyed it and have come away with confidence to use TFT.”

C.P., Nutritionist and Therapist, Norfolk

“John Plester is a knowledgeable trainer who combines an entertaining style with effective training.”

Daryl Fraser, Daryl Fraser, Author ‘The Inner Travellers Guide Book’

“The training was thorough, concise and clear. An excellent TFT Boot Camp – highly informative with lots of time to practise new techniques and lots of fun as well.”


J.F., Teacher, Norwich

‘John is a brilliant trainer. He explains the process very clearly, answers all questions and is also a very nice person.”

P.C, Therapist

“A lively and professional delivery of the training programme. John was always on hand to clear up any confusion, never tiring in his approach to get over the concept and information.”

S.H., Oxfordshire

“Fantastic training clearly presented. John was wonderful and made sure you understood every step of the course. I learnt so much at this Boot Camp – most informative and enjoyable, a great couple of days.”

Karen Blake, Wikaniko.com

“Excellent. A well presented course, detailed content, delivered well and with a sense of humour.”

S-J, Therapist, Norwich

“This is an absolutely amazing course. The course is delivered in a professional and fun environment and I could not recommend it more. Thank you John.”

I.B., Reflexologist, Kent

“I have suffered with Crohn’s Disease for more than 16 years. After working with John and learning that the Crohn’s for me was not stress related, once home, I applied what I had learnt about Individual Energy Toxins (IET’s) and the other techniques to my life. For example I test what I eat and now only eat what is not a toxin for my body. After 24 hours of doing this I not only noticed a massive increase in energy and wellbeing but I didn’t have tummy ache! This is the first time in 16 years! It has been 3 weeks now and I have been pain free, more positive and lost 9lb in weight!! Thank you John for your knowledge, guidance and support and for helping me to have a deeper understanding of TFT and IET’s that has truly changed my life.”

K.D., Kent

“As a qualified Sales trainer and Life Coach with seminar training experience going back two decades, I found the TFT Boot Camp training amazing and delivered with honesty, integrity, hunour and most importantly perfect concept delivery. To consolidate the course has the perfect balance of tell and show. Huge thanks.”

A.E.P., Trainer and Life Coach

“Very thorough and professionally presented course. The students responded very positively to the warm, humourous but very professional method of delivery.”

C.M., Tasburgh, Norfolk

“Top quality training, yet another fantastic course delivered in a fun and informative way.”

M.L., Kings Lynn

“Perfect delivery, it was fun and informative, a real eye opener!”

J.C., Norwich

“I would really like to recommend this training to anyone who would benefit”

C.H, Therapist

“Absolutely amazing training. So pleased I found this valuable treatment and was able to find a training in the UK. Friendly and supportive training environment. I can’t wait to use it!”

K.B, Psychologist

Excellent course which is practical and enjoyable. I always wondered what were difference between TFT and EFT. Now I know! Thank you.”

C.D, Therapist

“John is a very knowledgeable trainer and his delivery of the course was exactly what I needed.”

B.B, Hypnotherapist, Essex

comprehensive information regarding TFT
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I have been able to develop my skills
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the perfect balance of tell and show
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will definitely use TFT in my work
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creatively done and in happy atmosphere
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a massive increase in energy and wellbeing
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